We provide best-in-class, value-based pharmacy solutions utilizing 100% review of your pharmacy claims. Our practical guidance can help you maximize your financial outcomes, eliminate pharmaceutical waste & abuse, and increase member satisfaction. Click through the tabs to see what services we offer.

Pharmacy Benefit Services


Managing pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) can be complicated. With so many moving pieces, it can be easy for important details to get overlooked. For those reasons, it is essential to hire a knowledgeable, independent third-party auditor with extensive experience in PBM pricing analysis to thoroughly audit your PBM.


PillarRx understands your pharmacy benefit program is unique. We listen to our clients to gain an understanding of their needs and goals. Then we provide independent guidance and services to meet those needs to best optimize their pharmacy benefits program.

Pharmacy Benefit Services
Pharmacy Benefit Services


The Copay Assistance Program is designed to capture the available dollars from the manufacturers to reduce employee and plan sponsor costs. PillarRx’s team enrolls patients, handles communications, captures available dollars, and manages plan reporting via a high-touch member service process.

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