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PillarRx Consulting Pharmacy Benefit Solutions

Combining nearly 50 years of pharmacy benefit management experience, PillarRx is a leading firm dedicated to delivering pharmacy benefit consulting, PBM audits, and copay assistance services. Our pharmacy benefit experts help companies better understand and control their prescription drug costs, maximize pharmacy benefit savings, and reduce compliance risks.

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What Our Customers Say

“I had worked with PillarRx for a year during which time they helped us, among other things, to design an effective and complete PBM oversight program. I was very pleased with the quality of their work and their expertise in the Pharmacy compliance area was invaluable. They were always available for a call and happy to come on site whenever we requested it. I am very happy to recommend them to others.”

“Our team relies on PillarRx to make us better! While we had seen significant issues with managing our pharmacy benefit program, PillarRx provided a program assessment. The assessment helped find coverage gaps and areas of improvement. Since we’ve started working with PillarRx we have seen no issues, no disruption and exceptional service and partnership for over 7 years.”

“We’ve been working with PillarRx for several years for our annual Part D Data Validation project. The onsite audit was very useful and allowed our plan to ask questions and explain our processes. The feedback given to us from PillarRx was prompt, helpful and will be easily implemented by our team.”

“PillarRx has managed administrative processes for our Medicare Part D program since 2008. They have proven their value by providing innovating solutions to our pharmacy benefit challenges. Prior to partnering with PillarRx, our spending was out of control. They quickly implemented cutting-edge strategies that allow our plan to maintain a benefit program for our employees and retirees, that’s kept our trend below the national average.”

“Our drug trend was on the rise when we looked for a new pharmacy auditing and consulting company. PillarRx sat down and listened to our concerns. Upon reviewing our contracts and internal processes, PillarRx provided actionable strategies for meeting our goals. Our stakeholders appreciate PillarRx’s approach to presenting cost-savings calculations prior to and following implementing pharmacy benefit solutions.”

“We knew rebate sharing opportunities were available for our plan. We hadn’t updated our PBM contract and needed help. PillarRx adjusted contractual terms and we saw an immediate cost-savings. We look forward to PillarRx’s results following additional financial performance audits.”

“Following the PillarRx audit, we learned that our PBM contract should be renegotiated in terms of allowing the administrator to keep all the pharmacy rebates. We learned that this contract arrangement is behind the market, outdated, non-competitive and needs to be more transparent. We recommend other municipalities go through a competitive RFP process for proposals that offer competitive pricing, utilize technology, and offer additional follow-up consultation services.”

“PillarRx has been guiding our State pharmacy plan meet our unique needs for 6 years. The audit process is straight-forward and helps align our contracts with pharmacy program services. PillarRx’s audit services, contract review and claim process monitoring have resulted in cost-savings opportunities for our State plan.”

“Our PBM could no longer meet our growing coalition group needs. We hired PillarRx to lead contract negotiations to meet client goals and perform audits to validate financial performance. They have provided immeasurable industry insight that’s allowing us to grow, while containing pharmacy benefit costs.”

“Immediately after being awarded the business, PillarRx dug right into the PBM RFP with a “needs assessment” and a review of the current PBM contracts, claims, and financial performance. After the new PBM was selected, our groups saved $2.9m, or roughly 14.3% of total drug plan spend! I would highly recommend PillarRx for your group. They gave us everything they promised, and more!”

“PillarRx has been an integral partner in our approach to PBM contracting and ongoing oversight. This process provides enhanced credibility with our clients.”

“We’ve been working with PillarRx for 3 years. In that time, they’ve helped educate us on the ever-changing pharmacy landscape. They’ve helped manage a best-practice approach to our pharmacy programs we can pass on to our clients.”

PillarRx Consulting Pharmacy Benefit Solutions
Be in the Know!
Keep up with the latest information in the Pharmacy Benefit Industry each month! From articles to videos, this is your one-stop-shop for staying up to date.
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