Pharmacy Benefit Solutions PillarRx Consulting
Pharmacy Benefit Solutions PillarRx Consulting

Third-Party Administrators

Most TPAs maintain multiple contract relationships with PBMs, making tracking difficult. PillarRx offers unique pharmacy program monitoring that provide your customers fluid and consistent reporting. PillarRx enables your company to maintain a vigilant oversight effort consistent with your healthcare management strategy.

Our tools provide TPAs with the capability to:

  • Capture industry best practice PBM pricing
  • Maintain electronic daily oversight of all contracted PBM vendors for Pricing and Plan design adjudication
  • Integrate reporting among all PBM vendors for customers and brokers
  • Forecast and trend analysis to support customer budgeting and re-insurance negotiations
  • Insure the drug benefit if desired
  • Provide market differentiation
  • Improve cash flow


  • PBM analysis and selection

  • RFP and contract negotiation

  • Formulary oversight

  • Specialty product management

  • Manufacturer rebate


“PillarRx has been an integral partner in our approach to PBM contracting and ongoing oversight. This process provides enhanced credibility with our customers.”

“We’ve been working with PillarRx for 3 years. In that time, they’ve helped educate us on the ever-changing pharmacy landscape. They’ve helped manage a best-practice approach to our pharmacy programs we can pass on to our customers.”

Pharmacy Benefit Solutions PillarRx Consulting

Let’s Work Together

Our practical guidance can help you create customized PBM solutions to help you maximize your financial outcomes, eliminate pharmaceutical waste and abuse, and increase member satisfaction.

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