CMS released their final guidance for Data Validation 2020 as it relates to COVID-19 and the current data validation cycle.  CMS is reducing the 2020 Data Validation of 2019 Part C and D reporting requirements to the following reporting sections:

  • Part C – Special Needs Plan Care Management (SNP)
  • Part D – Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Programs

As a trusted and highly experienced Data Validation Contractor, it is our practice to help organizations maintain compliance and accuracy in their reporting and data collection; providing insight into the management of information by identifying flaws or improvements in internal control, vendor oversight, and how data is collected and reported.

PillarRx recognizes performing the Data Validation Audit in its entirety as best practice. While these unprecedented circumstances relating to the COVID-19 pandemic have led to CMS’s position to limit reporting from the validation requirement for the 2020 Data Validation Audit (2019 calendar year), the effect is only temporary, impacting only this season’s cycle.

It is imperative during this time of uncertainty for organizations to “stay the course” and remain consistent in their annual audit and oversight practices to ensure ongoing compliance and integrity in their data and reporting. In recognition of this, PillarRx and its teaming partners are prepared to move forward to complete the Data Validation Audit of all Part C and Part D reporting sections – providing the utmost in service to our customers.

There were many changes to the Part C and D Reporting Sections for 2020 (2019 calendar year) – how will you ensure that these changes were properly interpreted and applied? Proceeding with a complete audit this year will give your organization confidence when reporting in 2021, knowing that the changes to the measures were interpreted and applied correctly.

Data Validation Audit activities will begin on Monday April 20th 2020, concluding June 30th 2020. We look forward to continuing our complete service with you to meet and exceed your Data Validation needs.