We are already halfway through 2020, and it has already been quite a year for healthcare and especially for pharmaceuticals. This year, the industry has taken center stage, as governments, businesses, and individuals are recognizing how important quality medications are and maintaining an excellent healthcare system.

The use and cost of different drugs continues to be a hot topic.

Here at PillarRx, we are committed to helping our clients stay up to date with the most pressing information when it comes to pharmacy benefit solutions, and now more than ever it is more important.

Our Executive Vice President, Greg Rucinski, discusses the overview of trends in the videos below.

He also covers:

  • What things could change
  • PBM Contracting
  • Briefly About Plan Design
  • Generic and Brand Name Drugs
  • Predict to avoid a high-cost future
  • Tools to control costs and assess the process

Check out Part 1 Below:

Click below to watch Part 2: