We’ve all had household projects you initially thought you could do yourself – then it turns into hours of frustration. Why? We either don’t have the experience, don’t have the right tools, or you think you’ve fixed the problem only to have it fail again the next day. Many times, we’d be better off having called in an expert that can fix the problem the right way, the first time!

This scenario is similar to the challenges benefit consultants and brokers often face. Their client may have seen a rise in pharmacy benefit spend. The problem might be identified, but the root cause isn’t as easy to diagnose or solve. Benefit consultants and brokers may not have the ability to analyze pharmacy claims or identify factors negatively impacting pharmacy trend.

Benefit consultants and brokers partner with PillarRx when pharmacy benefit solutions require specialized expertise. PillarRx provides white-label solutions on behalf of benefit consultants and brokers clients for the following:

  • CMS regulatory compliance
  • Reducing pharmacy trend
  • Validating PBM performance
  • Specialty drug management

PillarRx understands the important role benefit consultants and brokers play. We know how complicated the pharmacy benefits industry can be to navigate. Put an expert in your corner and let PillarRx become an extension of your team to best service you and your clients with a deeper level of pharmacy benefits expertise. Contact us at [email protected]