High-Cost Drugs are flooding the market, so prescription drug manufacturers provide coupons and copay assistance to people who take their expensive drugs. The assistance is typically underutilized, and the employer plan does not receive any of the savings.

Programs like PillarRx’s IPC Copay Assistance Program are designed to capture the available dollars from drug manufacturers to reduce employee and employer costs. The in-house Care Team facilitates patient enrollment in available programs, handles customized communications, ensures ongoing claims processing accuracy and efficient delivery throughout the treatment period with a high-touch, member centric process and manages plan reporting.

Program Advantages

There are many benefits of having a copay assistance program including the following:

  • Available to self-funded employer groups of any size
  • Most Comprehensive Drug List
  • Maintain existing PBM, Pharmacy, plan
  • design, and formulary strategy
  • Plan Support
  • Concierge member services
  • Maximize savings on behalf of plan and
  • member
  • Service Fee

Copay Assistance Program Value

The IPC Copay Assistance Program is designed to save plans an estimated 25% of their specialty cost without financially impacting the member.

  • No PBM Change Required
  • No Pharmacy Change Required
  • No Formulary Change Required

Contact us at sales@pillarrx or click here for more information about our copay assistance program.