PillarRx is pleased to present the results of our 2021 Data Validation Customer Survey. After each season it is important for us to see how our DV program performed for our clients. The survey allows us to quantify service levels and how our process and program can better serve our customers.

This year, PillarRx’s Data Validation program received a 5-star rating. Our responses unanimously showed extreme satisfaction with this year’s quality, value, and the data validation process of PillarRx and the Account Management team. PillarRx continued to exceed customer expectations from audit accuracy, timeliness, and actional reporting. 100% of survey respondents also indicated they will more than likely continue utilizing PillarRx’s data validation services in 2022 and beyond!

While preparing for each DV season, PillarRx reviews the previous year’s audits and new CMS guidelines. Key to this year’s 5-star rating was making the following improvements for better serving our clients:

  • Updated automation of the recalculation process.
  • Reduced the number of meetings with PBMs and MTM providers by discussing all policies and procedures of their plans, instead of holding individual calls. This improvement saved time for the PBMs, vendors, and our clients.
  • Better understanding, year-over-year of CMS measures, specifically Improving Drug Utilization Review Controls (IDURC).

Listening to the feedback provided by our Medicare Part C & D Program customers and adjusting processes has helped achieve a 99% customer retention since 2011.

2021 Successes

Following DV audits, PillarRx presents each final report’s findings and recommendations. These individual meetings allow for open dialogue between all parties, provides an update on any new guidelines for the following year, and if applicable, a plan for making adjustments to the client’s current Medicare Part D Program offering.

After completing all final report meetings, PillarRx was honored to receive an additional 11 contracts starting in 2022! Our success can be measured by what our clients think of us!

“Our PillarRx auditors were great to work with and answered all our questions or addressed issues in a timely manner.”

“Very professional. Very thorough. Working with our PillarRx auditor was very seamless.” 

“Your company did a great job and provided easy-to-understand instructions and answered questions and addressed issues in a timely manner.”

“Pillar Rx is extremely organized, professional, and helpful.”

If you offer a Medicare Part C and/or D Program, contact PillarRx for more information about our data validation services at [email protected] or visit our webpage here.